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NEWS很高兴分享天津未来城购物中心的盛大开业。 NEWS 的工作范围是零售规划和室内设计。 购物中心被街区、郁郁葱葱的绿色公园和繁忙的城市道路所环绕,使得购物中心成为这一切的连接器。凭借邻里零售商场的性质,这个商场是当地居民和其他地区居民的游乐场。 室内设计的灵感来自其自然环境,同时也融合了实验性的沉浸感。 Urban Glamping 概念的引入是为了唤起人们对自然、健康、交流、对话和聚会的关注。

NEWS is pleased to share the project photos taken after the grand opening of Tianjin Future City Mall.  NEWS’ scopes were retail planning and interior design. Surrounded by retail precinct, lush green park, and the busy urban roads, the retail mall is the connector of these all. With neighbourhood retail mall’s nature, this retail mall is also the playground for the local residents and beyond. The interior design was inspired by its nature setting, but also responded the experimental immersement. Urban Glamping concept was introduced to evoke people’s mind to nature, health, communication, dialogue and gathering, particularly during and after pandemic.

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