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After decades of intensive urban development and changes in China, Xian’s Guoba Factory cluster was left as a residual product of industrial transformation, yet also a potential space for revitalization of the local cultural identity and urban regeneration in the rapidly changing environment. The site is located at the junction of Qu Jiang Road and Xi Ying Road, surrounded by existing residences at the West. 


With the given context, the proposed development – 39000sqm of cultural, creative, commercial and digital entertainment experience space – will be supported by the architectural strategy of embracing new and old. The chimney and water tower located right at the heart of the site became a focal point with historical traces of Xi'an city. A landscaped plaza is proposed around these two key symbolic elements. With introducing new axis, the scattering old and new building blocks are integrated, and well connecting the main roads. It doesn’t not only increase porosity of the project and hence more pedestrian influx, but also opens up visual corridors and possibilities for communal engagement.



在此特定的背景下,设计的项目 -  39000平方米的文化,创意,商业和数字娱乐体验空间 – 在新旧穿插的建筑策略的支持下。位于场地中心的烟囱和水塔成为此处西安市历史遗迹的焦点。围绕这两个关键的象征元素提出了一个景观广场。通过引入新的规划轴线,将散落的建筑整合,并与主要道路良好连接。它不仅增加了项目的穿透度,因此增加了行人的导入,而且还开辟了视觉走廊和公共参与的可能性。


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