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色彩永远是传递快乐、希望和能量的方法,尤其是对于面向家庭的零售业,以及周边正在开发的新居住区。 设计选择了亮橙色系列,这也是基于心理学研究相信这样的色彩能带来愉悦感。橙色系列经过精心挑选,以确保过渡平滑。 使用亮橙色的区域分为两个,一个在北入口处,橙色面板和装饰肋的颜色过渡形成了有趣的色彩效果。装饰肋还投射阴影,使彩色立面效果更具立体感。另一个是采用彩色立面手法的区域是西南入口,色彩面板经过精心布局,以体现活力感。

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Located at Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi province, China, this retail mall was set up as the family-oriented neighbourhood mall. With restricted footprint and the maximised use of the space, the Mall was designed by function driven as the brief required. To explore the potential of the family-oriented mall, the design was trying to bring the brightness to the areas, where new living district is in making.

The Mall design considered both urban side and residential streetscape. North and south entrances are the main access and the essential showcase of the mall characters. The east side formed the street with adjacent residential blocks to offer more intimate retail space.


Colours are always the methods to deliver the happiness, hope and energy, particularly for the family-oriented retail, and when the surrounding new developing residential oriented area is under the way.

The design chose the bright orange colour series, which is believed to bring sense of joy based on psychology study. The series of the orange colours were chosen carefully to make sure the transition smooth.

Two areas were identified with the colour approach at facade, one is at the north entrance. The series of the orange colour panel and fins formed the interesting colour effects. The fins also cast the shadows to make the colour façade effect more three dimensional. Another area used the colour façade approach is the southwest entrance, the colour panels were carefully layout to archive energetic sense.

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