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Guangzhou Yuzhu Mixed Use Grand Opening

240321 yuzhu grand opening-LR copy.jpg


This project layout followed the urban planning’s diagonal axis, which leads to rather rigid space at city realm. To offer vibrant ambiences and balance the urban future plan setting coherently, the layout implanted in rotationally symmetrical approach with two courtyards. Around the courtyards, pop out boxes, interlocking linear buildings formed the dynamic spaces and drive the desire of exploration. This project was inspired by Yuzhu port and timber market history. The port red steel portal, the mechanical heaviness brought the special taste to the design. The abstracted portal form was selected as the ‘picture window’ design element, and it was applied to the designs in different levels. At the gateways of northwest and southeast corner, the tower massing formed the ‘picture window’ at city planning level. The podium canopy defined the entrances as another level of the ‘picture window’ element. The sliding boxes and the interlocking boxes applied the ‘picture window’ elements in details.The carefully arranged rotational symmetrical layouts, industry history inspired design elements, and dedicated detailing brought this ex industry site to an energetic and dynamic public realm.

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