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New technology brought us evolving changes in all aspects, sound is one of them.

The sounds start to diminish since technological advancement has changed our life rapidly. The more intensively we are using technology products today, the less we notice the sounds around. We have been lowering the volume of our city sounds.


Where is the soundscape of our city then?


When communications through electronic devices became so easy and common, are we still longing for actual connections?


The fluid cloud form represents an open, diverse, ever-flowing nature of virtual world in where interactive immersive experiments. It is sculpted with copper tubes which symbolize the enormous number of “channels” around our daily lives. It is a collection of cloud-based information sources. They are transferred as sound (information) to audience via circuits and pipes (channels) around.


With this installation, we hope to bring back the daily city sound-scape, reverse the process and also review it in a physical and tangible way – a reflection on the nature of human interactions and the potential of bridging physical and virtual world.

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通過這個裝置,我們希望帶回的城市日常音景,扭轉過程,並以有形的方式對其進行審視 —— 反映人類互動的本質,彌合物理和虛擬世界的斷層。

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